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About Company

Out of passion for ancient and valuable recipes for natural care and health, drawn from various cultures of mankind. Enchanted by the care rituals with a centuries-old tradition, the idea was born to share this knowledge by creating our online store ARGENA BioCosmetics. 

Our ARGENA BioCosmetics store has an exclusive assortment from different regions of our planet, where local producers traditionally grow and produce their own products. Their products are Raw, Vegan and Organic. They pay special attention to the quality of their products and, with appropriate care for the ecology of our land, create these original and exclusive cosmetics. 

All our cosmetics are pesticide-free, certified, laboratory tested. They do not have artificial colors, artificial fragrances, parabens, SLS.

We hope that our offer will meet your requirements and will make you return to re-purchases in our store – as satisfied customer.

Thank You for visiting Argena BioCosmetics online store.

The motto of our company is to promote and enable both women and men to make healthy life choices, by providing our clients with carefully selected, exclusive natural cosmetics.

About us

We are a family passionate about a healthy lifestyle. For several years, we have been looking for the best suppliers of our cosmetics from the farthest corners of the world, who must meet many of our considerable requirements. 

Before each product gets our approval, it is personally tested and compared with all similar products, both on the Icelandic and Polish market. All this so that our customers have the highest quality and the best product at an affordable price delivered to the door.

As a young mother and a trained nutritionist, I pay special attention to what products my family uses on the skin and what ends up on the plate.

We all know, that our skin is the largest organ with a complex structure and multiple functions, and it includes: sweat glands, sebaceous glands, nails and hair. 

Our skin also performs many protective activities: 

– against infection with bacteria, fungi and viruses, 

– against mechanical, thermal, chemical and UV radiation factors, 

– and ensures unchanging conditions for our internal environment of the human body (homeostasis – balance) 

That is why it is so IMPORTANT what we put on our skin and what type of ingredients will be in our body. We have to choose wisely our food products for skin and hair.