An Alum Deodorant, also known as an Alum Stone or Alum Crystal, is a crystal-like stone that is moistened with water and gently rubbed over the shaved area to act as an antiseptic and to combat a number of post-shaving related skin problems including razor bumps, razor burn and redness. It can also help to stop bleeding from small nicks and cuts.
The Alum block has antiseptic properties that not only cool and refresh the skin after shaving, but kill surface bacteria too.

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How To Use

Wet the alum crystal, rub gently onto the shaved area, and then leave to dry on the face.
If you are applying a moisturizer or aftershave balm, splash water on the face after you have applied the alum, pat dry with a towel and then apply your aftershave balm or moisturizer.

History of the Alum

The alum is the original antiseptic aftershave, which contains mineral salts that were originally used by the ancient Egyptians more than four thousand years ago for its healing and antiseptic properties.

How does an Alum work?

The Alum salts stop bleeding by constricting blood vessels and tightening pores.

Storing the Alum

After use, clean the alum with water, dry it off and store in a dry place where air circulates. If you allow the Alun to remain moist or exposed to moisture, it will simply dissolve. Dry the alum before storing it in the case.

Sensitive Skin Sufferers Be Aware

If you have dry or sensitive skin then, we do not recommend using alum more than two or three times weekly as the minerals used are astringent which means that they draw moisture from the skin.

Other Alum Stone Uses

  • Alum can also be used as an all-natural treatment for oily complexions and acne. An Alum crystal is a great, natural product to combat greasy skin, spots and acne.
  • After showering or washing the face, gently apply an Alum stone on the affected area. The Alum will dry the skin and spots, leading to a better appearance. Alternatively, apply to spots and pimples last thing at night.
  • Don’t use the Alum stone on the face more than twice daily, as it could lead to the skin over-compensating by producing more oil.
    Using an Alum as an Antiperspirant – a Natural Deodorant
  • For centuries people in Africa, the Middle East and Asia have known that applying an Alum to the underarms will give excellent odour and sweat protection, an added benefit is it is 100% natural.
  • An Alum crystal is ideal for those who wish to use a natural antiperspirant. Apply the Alum stone to the underarms for a reliable, alcohol-free antiperspirant. Alum Blocks are non-scented, so you can still use your favourite scented deodorant.
    Alum deodorant are highly effective in controlling excess sweating.

After Waxing Treatment

Alum is good for calming the skin after waxing, they are suitable for sensitive areas such as the bikini area and the face.


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