Beeswax Tealight 1piece – beeswax candle


Tealights have become popular as small, economical candles that can be lit in the evening to brighten the mood.

  • For this purpose, choose our tealights made of 100% pure beeswax.
  • Smooth inserts for tealight heaters are the simplest form of replaceable inserts for glass candle holders – they burn for about 3-4 hours.

Dimensions: height 1.7cm; diameter approx. 3.6 cm | sold in 1 pcs

Composition: 100% beeswax; impregnated cotton wick (“strong flame” – trim if it burns too hot)

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Properties of beeswax wax and candles

Beeswax has different colours and shades. They’re depended on the time and method of obtaining, it may be in colour from sunny yellow to light brown – light is “virgin” wax in which young bees were not raised.  Darker one comes from frames that have been used for longer and contains natural additives such as propolis. Over time and under the influence of sunlight, the wax changes its surface colour to a lighter one, which is a natural process. The appearing white coating can be neutralized by gently greasing the candle

  • The most important advantage of candles made of real, natural wax is that they simply smell beautiful!
  • When burning, they emit a friendly, soothing aroma with notes of honey and propolis
  • The flame does not smoke, but burns with a warm, clean fire
  • They help freshen the air and get rid of unpleasant odours, e.g. of tobacco
  • The flame, natural scent and beautiful appearance make the candle help create a cosy home atmosphere
  • They often serve as a natural element of interior design

Rules for burning wax candles

  • Candle should burn until the wax melts over the entire surface; in the case of thicker candles it is about 2-3 hours;
  • Burning too short causes the candle to tunnel
  • Wick should be regularly shortened so that its length is approximately 5-15 mm depending on its diameter
  • Increasing the burning time can be achieved by cooling the candle in the refrigerator

Safety rules

  • Always follow basic safety rules:
  • Do not leave burning candles unattended, especially in places easily accessible to children or animals
  • Place the candles on a safe, non-flammable surface, away from items that could catch fire
  • Do not place the candle in a strong draft
  • Never carry a burning candle
  • Extinguish with a cap
  • Do not throw matches into the wax
  • Keep a distance of about 10 cm between the candles


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