Beeswax Tealights in box


Beeswax Tealights (10 pieces) in box.
Tealights have become popular as small, economical candles that can be lit in the evening to brighten the mood. For this purpose, choose our tealights made of 100% pure beeswax.

Tealight warmers, 10 pieces in a box, are an aesthetic and practical set of tealights in an aluminum casing. They have a special wick designed for beeswax, ensuring a strong, bright flame – they burn for about 3-4 hours (check the length of the wick so that the flame is not too high).

Dimensions: height 1.5cm; diameter approx. 3.7 cm | sold in a set of 10 pcs

Composition: 100% beeswax; impregnated cotton wick (“strong flame” – trim if it burns too hot)

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General information:

  • For candles is used 100% pure wax without any fragrance additives.
  • Natural beeswax has various colors and shades; depending on the time and method of obtaining, it may be in color from sunny yellow to light brown – the lightest is “virgin” wax in which young bees were not raised; the darker one comes from frames that have been used for longer and contains natural additives, such as propolis
  • Over time, a white coating may appear on the candle (this is a characteristic feature of natural beeswax), which can be removed by gently heating it, e.g. with a hairdryer or by greasing the candle
  • All candles are handmade, therefore the shape and dimensions of individual candles may differ slightly
    • By using beeswax candles, you support beekeepers and provide yourself with the benefits of using 100% natural products.
Weight 100 g


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