Candle Wick-Trimmer


Wick trimmer is the essential tool for maintaining your candle’s wick properly. This heavy-duty metal wick trimmer helps to clip wicks properly to ensure a clean, even flame for a longer lasting candle. This trimmer is long enough to reach the bottom of candle glass. It also easily helps you remove the clipped wick safely. It is not feasible with a pair of scissors!

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Caring For Candles

To enjoy your candles to their fullest, keep their wicks trimmed properly. It will help your candles burn fully and last longer. Specifically, your candle’s wick should be trimmed after every 4 hours of burn time. Let the candle cool off, then trim the wick to approx. 5 mm before relighting.

Total dimension:

Stainless steel
Length 18 cm
Color Matte Black


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