Copper tongue cleaner

The copper tongue cleaner has been used for thousands of years for daily oral hygiene. It removes accumulated bacteria from the tongue and supports the treatment of the throat disease. It is made of pure copper, that has antibacterial properties.


  • Made of 100% Pure Copper
  • Improves digestion
  • Provides wide scraping area with thick, flexible edges
  • Best Remedy For Bad Breath by removing white mucus coating on the tongue
  • Removes the coating on the tongue, slows the growth of plaque, which helps cure bad breath and overall oral hygiene.
  • Helps clear tongue bacteria, fungi, dead cells and toxins off the tongue.
  • One size for everyone in the family – With Flexible adjustable handles, it is designed to fit big and small mouth for daily oral hygiene.

Use: place the cleaner on the back of the tongue and move upwards to the front, removing on the tarnish layer. Repeat the activity 3-4 times, use in the morning and evening. After cleansing the tongue, rinse your mouth with water. Use the product delicate.

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100% Copper Tongue Scraper | Ancient Ayurveda Tongue Cleaner For Immunity | Sustainable Tongue Brush Tool For Oral Health
Since our childhood, we have been told that if we want to have healthy and shiny teeth, we should brush them twice a day. We all know that not brushing our teeth would lead to cavities and is a bad dental health routine. But have you ever thought what would happen if you don’t brush (read: clean) your tongue every day?


Scraping the tongue using Ayurveda Copper Tongue Cleaner will help remove any build-up on the tongue. From an Ayurveda perspective, by removing this coating you improve your ability to taste your food, which makes it more satisfying. By using our Copper Tongue Cleaner, you will add benefits not only to your oral health but also improve your overall physical, mental, and spiritual health.
Tongue cleaning is an important hygienic practice that helps in removal of dead skin cells, bacteria, toxins, fungi and food debris from the surface of the tongue. Most of the stench causing bacteria stay around and on your tongue.

Tongue cleaning can help us with a variety of health issues by boosting your immune system, helping in digestion and thus, improving your dental health.

  • Improve Oral Health – The tongue scraper is an ancient Ayurveda “tongue brush tool” that has been used for centuries to maintain fresh breath, remove unwanted toxins (white film) from the tongue and help improve your ability to taste.
  • Antibacterial – Copper tongue scrapers are known for their antibacterial properties, making it easy to remove toxins & prevent bacteria from growing on the scraper itself. In Ayurveda, a tongue cleaner is suggested to build strong immunity.
  • Easy to clean – Our tongue cleaner is easy to clean with warm water and lemon or natural soap. Simply rinse with your hands, then pat dry with a towel. Clean your scraper each morning after use to ensure the removal of unwanted bacteria.
  • Reduce Bad Breath – While sleeping, a coating of undigested particles build up on your tongue. When you awaken, these particles need to be removed to freshen breath. Using tongue brushes, scrapers & cleaners daily is proven to reduce bad breath.
  • Sustainable and Long-Lasting – Made from the finest 100% copper, this high-quality tongue scraper will last much longer than a plastic tongue cleaner. Because this can be reused, it’s better for the environment and promotes reuse instead of waste.


Make tongue scrapping the next thing after you brush your teeth in the morning. Using our U-shaped Tongue Scrapper, gently scrape the tongue back to front. Repeat it 6-8 times, rinsing the scraper after every pass
For effective results, it is best to use the copper tongue cleaner at least twice a day, along with a healthy oral care routine


To clean the copper tongue cleaner, rub the scrapper using a lemon slice dipped in salt. Rinse it and dry it up with a soft cloth
Alternatively, clean it using vinegar and salt dipped in boiling water. Place the scrapper in the container for 10-15 minutes. Afterward, rinse with clean water and polish up with a clean, soft, dry cloth


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