Curled Beeswax Candles in box

CURLED 100% BEESWAX candlestics

  • The curly shape is both simple and ornate, looking beautiful on the table.
  • The candle diameter fits most candlesticks perfectly.
  • We sell them in sets of 4 in dedicated boxes with windows that allow you to see and smell the candles. They are perfect for a small gift.
  • While burning, the candle leaks to the sides, creating decorative shapes.
  • They look very impressive
  • Burning time may vary depending on how the candle is cared for.

It is worth paying attention to:

  • Do not allow the wax to leak excessively to the sides – this will significantly shorten the burning time
  • It is important that the candle stands vertically and burns evenly
  • The burning time of the candle can be significantly extended by placing it in a candle holder/container in which the wax dripping from the candle is collected and finally burned out like a tealight.
  • The heart of the candle is the wick and it must be cared for properly: it must be cut to a length of approx. 5-10 mm (so that the flame is not too high)
  • If a “mushroom” forms at the tip of the wick, it should be cut off (it causes the flame to choke)
  • It is best to extinguish the candle using a special extinguisher, which prevents the wick from glowing excessively and damaging it

Dimensions: height approx. 19cm; diameter approx. 1.8 cm
Packaging: set of 4 pieces in a box
Burning time: approx. 3-4 hours
Composition: 100% beeswax; cotton wick


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