Natural Loofah Exfoliating Bath Sponge


Natural loofah is an amazing personal care product. This natural and renewable resource has been used for centuries, is known for its exfoliation properties.

  • Creating The Perfect Bath and Shower Experience.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
  • Regular exfoliation keeps your skin looking radiant and healthy. Recommended usage is twice a week.
  • Loofah helps slough away dry, rough skin.
  • Works great on elbows and knees.
  • Pamper, massage, and cleanse away everyday stress and worries
  • Plentiful and long-lasting

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Loofah and shower sponges came from Mother Nature, until they were made of environmentally harmful plastic. An all-natural shower scrubber is what we need to go back to right now.

Did you know that the luffa plant is the source of the word “loofah”? It’s a cucumber-related gourd that, when dried, served as the first shower scrubber. So, scientifically, the loofah began as an all-natural element, but as the industry evolved, it began to use synthetics such as nylon, silicone, and plastic. Although anything with friction can be used as a body exfoliation, do we really need to add more waste to the planet when there are so many natural alternatives?

Now that we’ve made it a point to say that it’s time to get back to natural tools the way it was intended, here are some of the best alternatives to plastic and synthetic shower scrubbers.

With this loofah body scrubber, you can buff away dead skin for a smoother, more radiant appearance. This loofah is a 100% natural and eco-friendly option, making it a non-toxic exfoliating body sponge. It is lightly rought after for its thicker, more flexible fibers. This loofah boasts a looser weave for exceptional lather and soapiness.

  • Natural loofahs are also stronger and more abrasive than traditional sponges, making them better options for cleaning in the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms in the house. You can cut your loofah into smaller pieces and use it for other purposes as well 🙂


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